Jaws 3-D

Posted: August 16, 2015 in Movie Reviews


The third installment of the epic horror Jaws franchise. The 3-D parts in this movie are pretty hilarious compared to today’s standards, but still a bloody good movie. (….See what I did there?..haha….oh nevermind) Anyways, this continues the story of the Brody family who just can’t get away from man-eating great white sharks. 

Dennis Quaid plays the older brother of the two boys, who is in charge of running a brand new Sea World that is about to have its grand opening. The younger brother shows up later in the film to visit and has to overcome his fear of the ocean due to being emotionally scarred from the events in Jaws 2. Parts of the new Sea World park are malfunctioning throughout the film do to a great white issue that is seeming to be ignored. Most of the drama is caused in an underwater museum/ amusement park located in a man-made lagoon, which makes this movie really unique and more interesting, not to mention scarier compared to the other Jaws films. This movie kinda reminds me of The Abyss, just not with as much hi-tech special effects. 

This is my favorite Jaws film of them all.

4 out of 5  BURTONSCORE


The Purge: Anarchy

Posted: August 16, 2015 in Movie Reviews


Probably just as good as the first movie. I wasn’t sure if a sequel would even be worth watching, so I didn’t see this in theaters. But now that I have watched it, that changed my mind. 

Frank Grillo is the main actor in this flick, who is like the only person in the country who actually goes out into public during the Purge and isn’t out to kill everybody or is he? You might remember him as a S.H.I.E.L.D agent in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, who turns his back on Cap and turns into one of the villains. But in this movie he’s basically the hero, sort of, kinda. He kicks a lot of ass in this movie that’s for sure. I thought I was watching the Punisher for a minute….DAMN he would be an awesome Punisher! This movie is really action-packed and intense. I’m anxious to see if the third movie will be released. 

4 out of 5  BURTONSCORE


Seth MacFarlane  delivered a pretty decent movie in this comedic western. It centers around him being a down-on-his-luck sheep farmer trying to find love and happiness. There are some really interesting things going on in this flick. All of them of course, making fun of all typical westerns. Albert (MacFarlane) is actually self-aware of how dangerous the wild west is, and tries to explain it to everybody. So he is the smartest person out there, basically making him an outcast while everybody else is living unaware like a scene out the Oregon Trail video game.

The movie is typical Seth MacFarlane brutal, dirty, and gross comedy. So it was really entertaining. I laughed a little bit.

4 out of 5  BURTONSCORE 

Draft Day

Posted: August 10, 2015 in Movie Reviews


I’m a huge football fan. So you know I’m gonna watch this movie!

Kevin Costner plays the general manager, who makes the final decisions for who gets drafted for one of the worst teams in the NFL….the Cleveland Browns. So one would think, “Why would I want to watch a movie about a team who has no hopes of making a Super Bowl make draft decisions?”. 

Well, to answer that question…. I’m a Detroit Lions fan. I have suffered decades of sorrow. Actually the city of Detroit has about half a century of football sorrow. So I know how Browns’ fans feel and I felt obligated to watch this story play out.

This is a really good movie. The wheeling and dealing Costner has to do after he royally screwed the draft for not only this year, but the future of the Browns is insane. But what amazed me is that even if a team makes some bad trades or picks, they can actually turn everything around before the draft is even over. Hell, if that team is on the clock, they can make deals you would never dream of, while they are on the clock, and another team can get a shot as well. It is so crazy what goes on before and during a draft!

All football fans should watch this movie. It will give you a new appreciation for what those guys in the office do all day. Yeah, the guys that everybody hates for years and years for making what “we” think are bad decisions for our favorite team. Of course, there are some bad decisions that are made from time-to-time, so this movie doesn’t make up for many of the stupid draft picks that have been made over the years for many teams. But it give you a better understanding and maybe a little hope, a little, for what teams should be trying to do for the future of the franchise.

I would have liked to seen a little more player interaction with the teams before the draft though. It was not on par with movies like Jerry Maguire or The Blind Side in that aspect. But still a really good movie.

3 out of 5  BURTONSCORE


I am almost ashamed to say I watched this movie. Back in the day when it first came out, like in 2003, I wasn’t even sure THEN that I wanted to see it! But when Sean Connery is in a movie you gotta watch it. But when you slap together a bunch of random folklore and fairy tale people together it doesn’t really make a complete movie. Or even a movie that makes any sense. And even though there seems to be a plot thickening, how do you justify bringing all these off-the-wall characters together? If I was a little kid, I still would be like “What the hell is going on here?”. 

I am still confused today.

1 out of 5  BURTONSCORE

Jaws 2

Posted: August 8, 2015 in Movie Reviews


It’s a sequel that’s not as good as the original. But still a classic. Anytime a Shark pulls a helicopter underwater is pretty awesome though!

3 out of 5  BURTONSCORE

Highlander: The Source

Posted: August 6, 2015 in Movie Reviews


Always had a soft spot for the Highlander movies and tv series. This seems to be the final story of Duncan Macleod of the clan Macleod. After the effects of Highlander: Endgame, we see what the future holds. The world has basically turned to ruin. Duncan is roaming the streets doing what good he can do to keep the peace. Daydreaming about his lost love who left him because immortals can’t have a child. You know, the same old Highlander story.

However, this movie centers around the idea of “Where did the immortals come from?” and when does it end where “There can be only one” remaining. And what happens then? There is a story floating around about “The Source”. It is supposed to have all the answers, but no one has ever seen it and Duncan doesn’t even believe in it.

Then this Guardian guy shows up, who looks like some albino undead horror flick creature who has Flash-like speed, who has this awesome fight with one of the few remaining immortals. Ruins the whole scene immediately right after when he starts talking like a comedian. He would have been so much more bad ass just keeping quiet! Anyway his whole back story is later told and his job is to kill all the remaining immortals (or something).

So the few remaining immortals go search for The Source after Duncan’s ex-girlfriend shows up because she miraculously knows all about The Source. (imagine) Of course, the are being hunted by the Guardian the whole time.

In conclusion, I would have liked to seen more realistic action like the previous movies and tv series. And the acting could have been a whole lot better! This kind of left a bad taste in my mouth to conclude the Highlander storyline like this. I know there are some other stories and films and things out there trying to continue the saga, but they had a good thing going for like twenty-something years and I feel like they threw it away. This coming from a true Highlander fan.

2 out of 5   BURTONSCORE 

Edge of Tomorrow

Posted: March 24, 2015 in Movie Reviews


This movie did not disappoint me in any way. Was actually better than I expected. Watch it on a big screen and the surround turned all the way up!

4 out of 5  BURTONSCORE

Pain and Gain

Posted: March 23, 2015 in Movie Reviews


If it was not for Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, this movie would have sucked. Even though it was based on a true story. Even though its a Michael Bay film. Even Mark Wahlberg could not stop the insanity of this movie. It was pretty funny at times. But mostly just totally random acts of violence and meat-headness. “The Rock” made this movie entertaining. He deserved any and all awards for his performance. I would rapidly lose interest during this flick until he popped back on the screen.

2 out of 5  BURTONSCORE

The Colony

Posted: March 12, 2015 in Movie Reviews


Not much to say about this movie, except it reminded me of Ghosts of Mars….in the snow.

2 out of 5  BURTONSCORE